Welcome to the UK Air Pollution Information System (APIS). Air pollution is one of the major environmental issues in the UK, with impacts occurring at local, regional and global scales. Much is known about the impacts on natural heritage features, with major steps already being taken in the development of abatement strategies both at national and international levels. It is clear, however, that there are still major gaps in the scientific understanding. This site provides a searchable database and information on pollutants and their impacts on habitats and species.

Air Pollution Information System

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APIS GIS map tool: new version release (01/09/23)

EDIT on 01/09/2023 11:28: the release has been performed.

We plan on releasing a new version of the APIS GIS map tool on 01/09/2023. This is to replace the current version, relying on soon-to-be obsolete technology, and of which code was difficult to maintain, as well as hard to test. This new version will however look the same on the user end, and changes should not be perceptible when using the map tool. As usual, we invite you to report any issue, should any arise.