[RESOLVED] IMPORTANT! - APIS GIS map and MCP tools are down

UPDATE 09/05/24 09:50 Both apps are now back up

Dear APIS users, 
APIS GIS map and MCP tools are developed in R programming language. Sadly a serious security vulnerability was discovered in R and we are obliged to update its version in the server where APIS is hosted. This means that APIS GIS map and MCP tools are currently down. Here, in UKCEH, we are working very hard for the switch to be seamless but the notice we were given is very short (one working day) so you might see some glitches in the tool. Please, be patient, this is out of our control. For more information about the R programming language glitch, please see https://hiddenlayer.com/research/r-bitrary-code-execution/#R-Supply-Chain-Attacks.