Montane Habitats

Nitrogen deposition :: Montane Habitats


Effects and implications

  • Eutrophication: these systems are adapted to low levels of mineral N availability, increasing the availability of N will threaten the competitive balance between species leading to changes in composition and loss of habitat species constants.
  • Lichens and mosses are particularly sensitive to nitrogen both from direct effects associated with N accumulation and from shading as a consequence of N stimulated growth of over-storey vegetation.

Sulphur Dioxide :: Montane Habitats


Impact Type: Direct exposure to pollutant

Key Concerns:

There is no published experimental data on the impacts of SO2 on montane heaths and scrubs. This habitat type is unlikely to occur in areas which experience levels of SO2 above the critical level. However, they may be exposed to acid deposition above the critical load see Acid deposition::Montane habitats record.

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