Acid deposition :: Dotterel

Latin name: 
Charadrius morinellus

Impact Type: Deposition of pollutant

Key Concerns:

Recent changes in the breeding distribution of Dotterel in Britain may be related to deterioration in feeding and breeding habitat due to overgrazing by sheep and possibly acidification (Galbraith et al. 1993). The effect of acid rain thinning the egg shells is not substantiated by field evidence (Pyatt et al. 1998), but there is no field research to support this. The quantitative scale of effects in Britain is therefore highly uncertain.

Additional Comments:

Consequences of acid deposition are considered relatively small by comparison with loss of feeding grounds through change in management practices.

Critical Load/level: 
Critical Load/ Level

No estimate available

Galbraith, H.; Murray, S.; Duncan, K.; Smith, R.; Whitfield, D.P.; Thompson, D.B.A. 1993 Diet and Habitat Use of the Dotterel Charadrius-Morinellus in Scotland Ibis 135 148-155
Pyatt, F.B.; Lacy, D.; Pyatt, A.J. 1998 Some effects of acid rain on the mobilisation of elements from bird eggs. Fresenius Environmental Bulletin 7 334-337
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