N deposition :: Juniper

Latin name: 
Juniperus communis

Impact Type: Deposition of pollutant

Key Concerns:

Juniper, Juniperus communis, is a member of the cupressaceae and is found on limestone heathland and moorland where it can be widespread but local (Biodiversity Steering Group 1995). It is not known to be sensitive to air pollution. Such sites are normally co N/P limited so that growth responses to N would be limited. Generally growth is slow.

Additional Comments:

There is no published research on the impact of pollution on this species. However, given that many cultivars are grown as ornamentals toxic N effects would not be predicted. 

Critical Load/level: 
Critical Load/ Level

No comparable habitat with established critical load estimate available

Group, Biodiversity Steering 1995 Biodiversity: the UK Steering Group report Action Plans 2
Species group: 

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