2019 CAPER Conference announcement, 8 - 9th May

The annual CAPER (the Committee for Air Pollution Effects Research) conference provides an opportunity for researchers and policy makers on air quality effects to meet to present and informally discuss new advances in this rapidly developing field.

What is CAPER: - The Committee for Air Pollution Effects Research?

CAPER was established over 40 years ago, initially as a forum for scientists to brief fellow academics about their research and results of air quality effects on the natural environment.

However, over the years, not only have the range of air quality issues changed dramatically but so has the scope and membership of CAPER. Now a vibrant and diverse community, CAPER has expanded from its academic base to embrace the UK Environment Agencies, Conservation Agencies and practitioners involved in the assessment of air quality impacts on the natural environment.

The main focus of the CAPER year centres around our two-day annual conference which offers a friendly and informative forum to bring together those with an interest in the impacts of air quality on the natural environment. The meeting offers an opportunity for students and those involved in air quality research and policy to come and speak about their research, ongoing work and experiences.

Please see the attachments at the foot of this post for the programmes for the previous meetings in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Conference details

Please visit CAPER website for conference details and registration.

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