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The deposition of nitrogen and sulphur plotted in these graphs below (red points) represents the Total Deposition based on CBED - Concentration Based Estimated Deposition. CBED is based on measured–interpolated data for a 3 year average 2013-2015. Further information on CBED.

Nitrogen Critical Loads

Acidity Critical Loads

The previous version of the SRCL tool provided data derived from the FRAME model,presenting deposition and source attribution across each site. We have now moved to using CBED (Concentration Based Estimated Deposition) for deriving most recent deposition estimates for comparison of nitrogen deposition and acidity critical loads. However, we are still making available source attribution statistics for this site, giving you a breakdown of the sources contributing to the deposition at this site, based on the FRAME model. CBED data provides the latest deposition dataset to use for estimating current deposition at the site, while the FRAME data is for illustration of source attribution only. Please note that the years used in the source attribution statistics are for 2005 and a forecast for 2020 and are now out of date, but do provide an indication of likely sources. To view source attribution please click the button.

To view source attribution please click the button.