UK Biodiversity Framework

The Environment Departments of all four governments in the UK work together through the Four Countries Biodiversity Group.  Together they have agreed a UK biodiversity framework which identifies priorities for UK-level work for the Convention on Biological Diversity.  Published on 17 July 2012, the framework covers the period from 2011 to 2020.   

Underpinning the UK framework are country strategies for biodiversity and the environment in each of the four countries of the UK. These include further priorities and are supported by additional measures and indicators, reflecting the countries’ different responsibilities, needs and views. Objectives of the strategies are generally to:

  • Halt the loss of biodiversity and continue to reverse previous losses through targeted actions for species and habitats.
  • Increase awareness, understanding and enjoyment of biodiversity, and engage more people in conservation and enhancement.
  • Restore and enhance biodiversity in urban, rural and marine environments through better planning, design and practice.
  • Develop an effective management framework that ensures biodiversity is taken into account in wider decision making.
  • Ensure knowledge on biodiversity is available to all policy makers and practitioners.

For information about the country biodiversity strategies see