N deposition :: Woolly willow

Latin name: 
Salix lanata

Impact Type: Deposition of pollutant

Key Concerns:

Woolly willow (Salix lanata) is a shrub willow of wet mountain rocks. It is a UK BAP species which may be sensitive to N deposition. Increasing the N content of this shrub will undoubtably increase the likelihood of damage from herbivores, pests and pathogens. Willows are very sensitive to infection by rusts.

Additional Comments:

The more widespread related Dwarf Willow (S. herbacea) has disappeared from a number of sites in the northern Pennines, an area subject to high N deposition (Perring and Walters 1976). S. lanata is cultivated as a garden shrub where the impact of N is negligible suggesting damage is probably indirect from abiotic causes. 

Critical Load/level: 
Habitat/ Ecosystem Type Eunis Code Critical Load/ Level Status Reliability Indication of exceedance Reference
Moss and lichen dominated mountain summits E4.2

5-10 kg N ha-1 year-1

UNECE 2010 - Noordwijkerhout workshop quite reliable

Effects upon bryophytes or lichens.

Species group: 

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