N deposition :: Scottish small-reed

Latin name: 
Calamagrostis scotica

Impact Type: Deposition of pollutant

Key Concerns:

Scottish small-reed (Calamagrostis scotica) is very rare endemic of bogs in north Caithness (Biodiversity Steering Group 1995). No research has been published on this plant, however it is expected to be sensitive to any factors affecting the bog habitat, including atmospheric N deposition.

Additional Comments:

There is no published research on the impact of pollution on this species. 

Critical Load/level: 
Habitat/ Ecosystem Type Eunis Code Critical Load/ Level Status Reliability Indication of exceedance Reference
Raised and blanket bogs D1

5-10 kg N ha-1 year-1

UNECE 2010 - Noordwijkerhout workshop reliable

Increase in vascular plants, altered growth and species composition of bryophytes, increased N in peat and peat water.

Group, Biodiversity Steering 1995 Biodiversity: the UK Steering Group report Action Plans 2
Species group: 

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