N deposition :: Marsh earwort

Latin name: 
Jamesoniella undulifolia

Impact Type: Deposition of pollutant

Key Concerns:

This rare bryophyte (a leafy liverwort), Jamesoniella undulifolia, occurs in wet minerotrophic mires in association with Sphagnum recurvum and Juncus spp. Together with other species in this habitat it is expected to be sensitive to enhanced atmospheric nitrogen deposition, i.e. eutrophication.

Additional Comments:

There are no known experimental studies on this species, or on minerotrophic mires. Changes in hydrological conditions and afforestation are likely to exert a more detrimental influence, together with eutrophication from agricultural run off. Detrimental effects are most likely to be indirect via competition.

Critical Load/level: 
Habitat/ Ecosystem Type Eunis Code Critical Load/ Level Status Reliability Indication of exceedance Reference
Northern wet heath: Calluna-dominated wet heath (upland moorland) F4.11

10-20 kg N ha-1 year-1

UNECE 2010 - Noordwijkerhout workshop reliable

Decreased heather dominance, decline in lichens and mosses, increase N leaching.

Group, Biodiversity Steering 1995 Biodiversity: the UK Steering Group report Action Plans 2

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