N deposition :: Filmy ferns

Latin name: 
Hymenophyllum spp.

Impact Type: Deposition of pollutant

Key Concerns:

Filmy ferns (Hymenophyllum spp) are small ground or epiphytic ferns often associated with bryophyte communities. They are likely to be sensitive to nitrogen deposition. However, there is no published research on the effect of air pollution on this group, so it is uncertain how filmy ferns compare in sensitivity to bryophytes. As a first approximation, a similar sensitivity might be assumed to the more sensitive bryophyte species.

Additional Comments:

There is no published research on the impact of pollution on this group of species.

rch on*kss�%p��o from southern England and Holland (e.g. Bobbink et al. 1998, Britton et al. 2000). 


Critical Load/level: 
Critical Load/ Level

No comparable habitat with established critical load estimate available

Species group: 

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