Acid deposition :: Slender naiad

Latin name: 
Najas flexilis

Impact Type: Deposition of pollutant

Key Concerns:

The slender naiad (Najas flexilis) is an aquatic plant occurring in clear, mesotrophic lowland lakes in Scotland and Ireland. It is vulnerable to eutrophication and has disappeared from a number of sites that have become enriched (e.g. Esthwaite Water - its only English record) (Preston & Croft 1997). Experimental studies have shown N. flexilis is highly sensitive to acidification (Titus & Hoover 1993), however, it usually occurs at sites which have some base-enrichment from calcareous rocks or in machair lochs with calcareous dune sand (Preston & Croft 1997). It is, therefore, unlikely to be threatened by acid deposition.

Critical Load/level: 
Critical Load/ Level

No estimate available

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